The behavior of an infraction usually can be represented by the next scheme:

cadena de valor B&B Abogados

In order to meet the objectives of the brand protection plan “B&B Abogados” will

develop five major activities under way:

  1. Business intelligence and legal shielding: To understand, investigate, monitor and analyze the main cities from the perspective of the value chain illicit supply and marketing of the products in the country. Analyze existing legislation that allows structuring the legal shield against infringement of smuggling, counterfeit or theft.
  2. Market Survey: To identify the point of sale or marketing of the aftermarket if it is illegal and under what conditions the product is marketed.
  3. Synergy with Authorities: Ask and obtain from the authorities the relevant information about the behavior of the operation of unlawful aftermarket in the country. Share the findings of the market survey developed and developing joint work plans that will enable mitigation and start controlling illicit found and finally make a strong relationship with Colombian authorities.
  4. Market Intervention:: To ensure brand protection strategy in the country, through intervention in the illicit market by inspections market and raids.
  5. Analysis and reports: Consolidate, analyze, structure the information collected in the national territory, submit a regular report on the findings and interpretation supported by the investigation of illicit trade in spare parts in the country.