B&B Abogados is a law firm founded in 2006 to protect the brands of companies as one of its most valuable assets, it’s formed by a team of Lawyers, Industrial Engineers, Administrators and retired Police Officers, with experience in Criminal Law and Brand Protection in development operations. Our interest is focused on the representation of clients by identifying, monitoring, verifying, intervening, controlling and minimizing the crimes of usurpation of industrial property, smuggling, forgery and theft.

The process we implement is coordinated by our firm; first identifying and analyzing the relevant market of our customer processes using our business intelligence and market research procedures or receiving our client confidential information he has processed. Once the problem and its impact have been determined, a protection plan involving all stakeholders in the industry to which the company belongs, including authorities, the prosecution, the DIAN and institutions responsible for monitoring and executing different operations against illegal activities. This way a consistent and structured process is tailored to the customer and industry with excellent results according to protection plan designed.